About Us

Hearite - A Hometown Hearing Company was formed from a tradition of hearing healthcare providers. Our founder's father started Your Hometown Hearing Center to service and fit hearing instruments in rural Minnesota. The feeling of your home town can be felt in every office and during every visit.

At Hearite - A Hometown Hearing Company you can expect the following:

Experienced Staff

We recognize that we must maintain the local touch in each of our offices. Our local caregivers are dedicated, career hearing care providers who care deeply about the changes they bring to their patients.

Modern Facilities

We seek to create an environment that enables great care and comfort. From the cozy waiting room to our state-of-the-art virtual room to the sound booths for testing, we pay special attention to all the little details so we can provide our patients with a professional, yet comfortable environment.

Industry Leading Technology

We recognize that recovering your hearing is essential to your ability to fully participate in life so we take every step necessary to assure the technology in your ear is appropriate and customized specifically to your needs. We also take into account the use of tele-health and online tools when appropriate.

Excellent Service

We are convinced that good hearing care requires an excellent caregiver, a dedicated and willing patient, and supportive spouse, partner, and friends. Together, this team once paired with top level hearing aid technology, can make a dramatic difference in hearing quality of life.

Advanced Business Model

We focus on a combined approach of the traditional hearing aid model for those who want it and hearing aids as a service model to make upgrading into new technology a better option sooner. Ask us about it!

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